Now that you got the idea about practicing self-love, I think it’s time to start caring for yourself.
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What is self-care?

After years and years of experiences, I finally understood that being happy is a very personal thing and most of the time it doesn’t include anyone else rather than ourselves!
That being said, we just MUST take care of ourselves in order to live a happy life.

Basically, the concept of selfcare refers to making time to take care of yourself without feeling guilty, and honestly, I think we all need that.

Self-care is one of the most important priority we have to ourselves and its an essential lifestyle.
It’s not an act of selfishness at all, trust me, it also reflects on others around us too.



How does it affect people around us?
While practicing self-love, we start acting with more kindness and it goes a long way for the others too!

It’s easy to think that everyone around us is doing good, but when we start taking care of ourselves, we see the truth.
For example, just a simple “hello” or “good morning” and smiling to a stranger is a simple act of kindness. Kindness makes you a better person and simple things like that will make someone feel special.



Why we should practice self-care?
Simple. Because it has a huge impact on our health, no matter if it’s mental or physical!
Self-care is one of the best ways to manage stress, it helps us to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and others, it boosts our self-esteem and confidence and fills us with joy and positive feelings and optimistic thoughts.



In order to start realizing how self-care have an impact on your daily life and goals, you need to stop doing:


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  • Putting yourself down.

    You need to stop doing this. Practice self-love. Boost your self-esteem. Look at yourself in the mirror daily and start noticing all the pretty things you love about yourself. And I mean all your physical and personality traits.

  • Seeking for perfection. 

    Try to realize that perfection is overrated and that being different is now “IN”.
    Try to see the best version of yourself. Learn how to be honest with yourself and gain all the confidence from that.
    And, don’t forget to give yourself some credit for all the accomplishments (no matter if small or big) you’ve made.


  • Seeing only the bad traits.

    Try to never speak badly about yourself. When you start being honest with yourself, try to be honest about your good traits too!
    Adjust your mind to see and speak of that awesome side within yourself. Start thinking optimistic and I promise, you will have so many positive outcomes in no time!
    And, I can’t even explain how much it will improve your mental health. It will create fewer insecurities, judgments and complaints and it will “reward” you with endless self-love, confidence, encouragement and gratitude.


  • Living in the past.

    Take a moment and realize that you don’t live there anymore. Those things are gone for the better! You are more than your past.
    Start living.


  • Fearing change.

    Remember that if you keep the same attitude and routine, you will most likely end up gaining the same things as always.
    If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
    I mean, if things didn’t happen, life would be dull and boring.
    Step aside from your comfort zone and start changing things. That way, you will find where you truly belong.


  • Trying to please everyone. 

    Stop letting people take advantage of you. Learn the border between simple kindness and being taken advantage of.

  • Giving up from your dreams.  

    Trust me, you don’t want to end up living a regretful life. But, if you give up on what once was your dream, you will spend your whole life with regrets.
    It’s not always easy but try to be brave and courageous in every task/experience you face. Keep picking yourself back and have the courage to do it all over again. You will ONLY achieve your goals and dreams if you truly believe in yourself.

  • Being afraid to say no.

    Stop believing that saying “NO” is uncaring, selfish and that you might let other people down while being disliked, criticized or risk a friendship/relationship.
    It doesn’t mean that you have to be rude. Simply explain your situation, offer an alternative or empower the person with the right advice so they can do it themselves.
    Don’t let anyone control YOU or your time. 


  • Being afraid to say yes.

    Stop overthinking things and start collecting experiences. Even if that leads you to a regretful decision, learn to live without any regrets.
    Try to explore and experience as much as you can. It will make you so much wiser.
    You only got one life, so start living!


  • Trying to control everything.

    Lets admit it: we CAN’T have control over everything that happens in our life. Let go of what you can’t control anymore.
    When you feel like you’ve lost everything, you still have everything you love to do. Learn to accept things for what they are. And remember, time heals everything, and patience is essential.
    There is more to life than reminiscing on things that hurt.

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The thing is: taking a time to give yourself a moment of relaxation, gratification or fulfillment is the true part of the battle!


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Are you doing anything from the list above?

I would love to hear it from you! Please let me know in the comments