I learned that solo travel is empowering and had the ability to transform my entire life.
I had the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone, meet amazing new people and total freedom to do what I want, when I want and where I want it.
It bettered me in every possible dimension as I deeply got to learn and know myself without even trying.

Don’t let everybody else know you more than you know yourself!

However, it seemed scary at first, but all those worries quickly disappeared after I realized how many benefits come from traveling alone.


Here are some advantages of solo traveling that I got to experience (and keep experiencing them) to help you decide whether traveling alone would suit your character:


1. Trip planning is easier 

When I only get one person to consider, booking everything is super easy.
No need for stressing about fulfilling everybody’s wishes and going back and forth. I can just plan anything I want, everything I want and whenever I want.
Simple, headache-free and straightforward process.



2. It’s good for my mental health

Giving myself space to just be alone with my thoughts is definitely amazing for my mental health and I was able to find a level of inner peace that I’ve never been able to hear over the noise of my everyday life.



3. Ultimate freedom 

If there is a lot going on in your life and if there are constantly people around you trying to influence your identity – you definitely need to take some alone time.
Solo traveling gave me the freedom to have a break to whatever I want to do without judgment or opinions of anyone else.
I decide everything. I have the whole freedom to do exactly what I want and wish for.

silhouette on a sunrise with clouds and moon


4. Only I have the control of my own schedule and journey 

Every single decision is on me.
I have the power and control over where I am going, how to get there, what to see and when to see it.
My companion might not agree to spend as much time at the place of interest as I do. It’s a much less stressful experience when there is no one to limit me in time and no compromise to be made.
I am the only master for my plans and nobody can influence them.


Girl holding a map with legs outside of the window in a car with view of nature


5. I can do whatever I want

I can explore all the activities my heart desires and only I get to decide exactly what I want to do on any given day based on my own mood and preferences.
don’t have to get stuck and waste my time on doing activities I am not really interested just because I have others with me and I have to compromise.
No one will be there to judge where I spend the whole day.



6. There is more time for guilty pleasures 

I have all the time on the hand just for myself.
won’t feel guilty about ignoring my travel companion if I just want to spend the day indoors, relaxing or doing something other people would consider anti-social.
Only I am in charge of my (guilty) pleasures.



7. I can follow my own interests 

While everybody has different interests, traveling with someone else involves making compromises on many things.
Solo travel sets me free from any interest conflict and from putting my interest in the second row in order to avoid or create any disturbance ripples.

I don’t have to ask anyone if they are tired of walking, hungry or mind anything at all.
I can do as I please and I can design my dream trip only with my interests.

my back in front of the City of Arts and Sciences - Valencia,Spain


8. Rediscovering my passions and interests 

That being said, without the influence of anyone else, I have the opportunity to dig deeper and find about new interests.
I can just try out that new thing and accept it or decide that 
it’s not for me and move on without any judgment.
No compromises – the choices are mine.



9. Spend as much money as I wish or stay on a budget 

If I am not on the same financial level as the travel-fellow, I can face some awkward situations and end up compromising on things.
It’s way easier to stick to my budget if I am the only one controlling how the money gets spent.

Imagine just how many times you overspent on food because your companion wanted to try out a fancy restaurant or simply overspent on those attractions you never wanted to see in the first place?

When I am traveling alone, I get to decide the priorities and explore the places of interest.

Girl holding a black pen and drawing a dollar sign on a white notebook

10. Prevents relationships and friendships from challenges 

Sometimes, some situations during the adventure might awake unknown features of each other’s personality and character and when you spend too much time with each other, you can get tired of the company – including all those compromises and challenges.
When I am alone I do not depend on anyone and I remain to keep a healthy relationship/friendship.



11. I learned to enjoy my own company 

Lots of people are just craving people and company around them 24/7, which is understandable. But when I learned how to embrace the freedom of being on my own, I realized that this is one of the main advantages of solo traveling. Also, I learned how to enjoy my own company without freaking out.
I don’t have to be alone the whole time. In fact, that will depend on my own choices in terms of outgoing, accommodation and destination.

Silhouette on a pink sunset


12. I built my self-confidence 

Real confidence builder is when you have to rely on your own judgment and problem-solving skills, and I was amazed at how resourceful I became when I only had myself to depend on.
Many times I had no choice than to be confident and just reach out and ask for things.



13. It helps me to step out of my comfort zone 

When I am on my solo adventure, I’m faced with unseen and complicated situations I’ve never experienced before.

Things like eating alone, visiting attractions alone or staying somewhere alone can be quite uncomfortable.
And for sure it’s a little confronting, stressful and frightening at first. But I just keep believing that when I confront some challenges on the road, I will be able to overcome them because that will be the only choice I have.

Even tho I am constantly forced to step out of my comfort zone, at the end it makes me more capable of stepping out of my comfort zone and embrace any uncomfortable situation.



14. More time for self-development and personality improvement 

When I travel with a companion I spend more time on conversations with another person and I learn more about their personality.
However, when I am on my own I can take a deeper look at my inner world, be with my own thoughts and explore new features of my personality.
Especially after I was trapped in a daily routine and didn’t have any time to analyze my own actions. So, being on my own definitely improved my social skills as well as my intelligence.

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15. I became more responsible and independent 

When I am on my own, only I am responsible for my actions and only I will have to find solutions for my problems. That being done, I keep gaining more bravery and self-confidence.

When you are alone, you will meet new people. Sometimes, you might end up with canceled accommodation. Circumstances like that made me more daring, creative and intelligent.
Being “forced” to make my own decisions, solve my problems and being responsible for every single thing made me independent.



16. I became more spontaneous 

Traveling alone gives me an opportunity to make sudden decisions.
It opens up a possibility about seizing moments and becoming more spontaneous in the process. And fills me up with lifetime memories of an epic day.
Imagine that moment when nothing went as planned.
When I am alone, I don’t
have to come to an agreement with anyone!
I can allow myself to be spontaneous, decide how much time I spend in each location and open myself to new things.

Map and marshmellow cocoa on a beach

7. Flexibility (last-minute changes are OK) 

On a similar note, when traveling alone, there’s more flexibility for plans to change.
Imagine the moment when you wake up with a hangover. I can decide to stay in, take it easy or do whatever.

No one will be there to judge me, force me on doing things and influence my schedule.

Holding a paper plane inside of the airplane window


18. Less drama 

Being on my own means only having to deal with my own things and not everyone else’s as well.

Think about how many of your travels, events or activities have been ruined by other peoples problems.

When I am solo, there isn’t anyone to slow me down nor anyone to cause me stress and problems.  I can avoid all that unnecessary drama and make some memories instead.
In the end, I have started a trip to relax, learn and grow, not to be involved in complicated situations.



19. I’m much more open to meet new people and make new friends 

When we are familiar with the group we’re traveling with, we tend to stay pretty close-minded and inside of our comfort zones while sticking to what we already know and have.

Traveling by myself puts me in direct contact with people. I have no choice than to interact with service people, locals and fellow travelers.
In fact, it’s much more likely for other friendly people to interact with me or invite me on their table when they see me alone rather than when I am with someone else.

I am making connections along the way, want it or not.
And you have no idea how much someone new can change your life or simply give you some new perspective on things and fill you up with more knowledge.

So, go there and start creating lifelong friendships and don’t underestimate the pleasure of meeting locals and fellow adventurers. They showed me places and things I didn’t even know existed in the first place.


Friends silhouette with a bonfire and sunset on the beach


20. I get the ultimate local experience 

Traveling alone is amazingly increasing my chances of meeting ordinary locals, receiving a more authentic view and see things from a different perspective.
They also help me to experience the culture at its best.
I have real sources that help me to explore better and see things that most of your fellow travelers miss on.



21. I learned how to make an authentic connection to people 

The only thing that is holding us back from making authentic connections with others is our fear of revealing ourselves all-together with the feelings of shame and embarrassment.

Being on the road alone always puts me in different situations and in the end I learn that we are all kinda similar, so I developed empathy and compassion.
Now, I make sure I recognize those moments and see them as an opportunity to let go of my fear or shame.

When I represent my true self I am seen for who I really am and make meaningful connections.



22. It makes me a better traveler 

I gained valuable skills such as dealing with various situations, people and places more quickly.
The trips have begun to feel like a fun challenge rather than an organizational nightmare.

Have you ever seen how quickly an experienced solo-traveler manages to navigate an unknown city?

Also, those people are usually a great company and have plenty of awesome stories to tell.



If these things didn’t convince you to book that solo trip, here are 50 more:


Advantages of traveling solo Advantages of traveling solo Advantages of traveling solo Advantages of traveling solo Advantages of traveling solo


Have you traveled solo before? If you did, what was the best advantage while doing it?
If not, was this helpful enough for you?
Please let me know in the comments


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