Did you read my previous post and understood the importance of self-love?
If not, let me repeat it again.

Self-love is much more than liking yourself and thinking that you are pretty, smart and interesting.

When you have a good hair day, nice makeup and look great or when you achieve something – you just like yourself.
If you gain a few kilos/pounds, if you don’t achieve something, if you are mean to someone –
do you still LOVE yourself or its just an illusion because you only liked and not loved yourself?!

True self-love in when you have an unconditional feeling of love and acceptance for yourself. And itis so important because how can we love others completely, if we cannot even love ourselves?!
And even the opposite: if you can’t love yourself, don’t expect anyone else to love you and with that isolation comes the unhealthy and miserable lifestyle.

Did you just understand and are familiar with the importance of self-love but you just don’t know where to start?


Start with challenging yourself with this monthly self-love calendar.
It definitely helped me big time, so I hope that it will do the same for you!


Monthly self-love calendar challenge


Day 1: Write down 10 things you love about your body and personality

Day 2: Write down every bad thing you think of yourself and try to work on that
Day 3: Start a compliments file. Write down 10 great things people say about you

Day 4: Write down at least 10 things that make you happy

Day 5: Reward yourself with something you wanted for a long time

Day 6: Write down your thoughts and try to express emotions about people who hurt you in the past. Forgive and let it all go

Day 7: Write down a list of your short-term goals, long-term goals or a bucket list

Day 8: Create different playlists for every mood and situation

Day 9: Create an inspirational collage or Pinterest board

Day 10: Write down how you would describe yourself to a stranger

Day 11: Try out new clothing combinations, a new hairstyle or new makeup look
Day 12: Drink a glass of wine alone while doing something fun

Day 13: Take a whole day just for yourself, play some music, set the timer and do a photoshoot

Day 14: Laugh! (look at memes, youtube videos, comedy or whatever makes you laugh)

Day 15: Do one thing that is out of your comfort zone (even if its just a smile to a random stranger)

Day 16: Think about what you’re good at, find an opportunity and make some time for it (drawing, sewing, cooking, dancing etc.)

Day 17: Schedule “me time” in your calendar

Day 18: Go to the nearest park and bring some food to eat there (all by yourself)

Day 19: Do your laundry. Fold it and put it away

Day 20: Pick one room and clean it top to bottom

Day 21: Do a small spa treatment at home (face masks, bubble bath)

Day 22: Make a meal plan to start eating better

Day 23: Go grocery shopping and try out a new recipe

Day 24: Stop delaying that doctor or dentist appointment and make it today

Day 25: Look at yourself naked at the mirror without judgment

Day 26: Follow 5 new inspiring accounts on Instagram

Day 27: Edit your social media feeds

Day 28: Listen to music and just do absolutely nothing

Day 29: Turn off your phone, tell people you’ll be away, and then do something new in your own town

Day 30: Fix something at your home that’s been nagging you

Day 31: Ask for any kind of help. Big or small, it’s important to reach out



Or, depending on your schedule, make it more personal. Create and fill it up according to your preferences.


Click HERE to download a printable personal version 


→ If you are more interested in tracking personal growth, download a notebook that looks like this:


Gif of self love challenge

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→ Or make it more personal by downloading a notebook version that looks like this:

Personal notebook gif

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Monthly self-love challenge + freebies caption on a minimal white background with green leaf plant


Are you a fan of the design? 
What appeals more to you – the calendar or a notebook?

Please help me out and let me know in the comments