Self-love is much more than liking yourself and thinking that you are pretty, smart and interesting.

When you have a good hair day, nice makeup and look great or when you achieve something – you just like yourself.
If you gain a few kilos/pounds, if you don’t achieve something, if you are mean to someone – do you still LOVE yourself or its just an illusion because you only liked and not loved yourself?!

True self-love is when you have an unconditional feeling of love and acceptance for yourself. And it is so important because how can we love others completely, if we cannot even love ourselves?!
And even the opposite: if you can’t love yourself, don’t expect anyone else to love you and with that isolation comes the unhealthy and miserable lifestyle.

So, now that you understand the importance of self-love, here are a few ways of practicing it:


1. Embrace yourself 

Whether we want to admit it or not, there are so many things in life that we aren’t good at doing and that is totally okay. We are all different and we are all focused on different goals and dreams.
We have so much more to learn.
You have something to offer nobody else can.
You are one of a kind.
In order to start living a happy and limitless life, you need to embrace and express your true self with all your imperfections.
Remember that if you truly know and accept your flaws, nobody in the world can use them against you.


2. Watch your language and the things you say about yourself 

Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.

You have the power to create your own destiny, so start creating it the way you want it. Remember that your inner world creates your outer world. Only you can control your own mind, so choose wisely the words you say about yourself.



3. Stop judging yourself 

A judging mind is a narrow mind.
The more you judge yourself, the less comfortable you`ll feel in your own skin and that is a huge cause of depression and anxiety.
So what if you made some mistakes? I mean, who didn’t?
Learn to recognize and learn from it. Feel free to express yourself and someday you will just laugh about the situations. And remember that making mistakes is way better than faking perfection.

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4. Focus on what you DO love about yourself 

Stop seeing only the bad traits. Try to never speak badly about yourself.
When you start being honest with yourself, try to be honest about your good traits too! Adjust your mind to see and speak of that awesome side within yourself.
On days when you focus on what you don’t love about yourself, you are making a negative impact on all other areas of your life and that leads to a bit of a shame and guilt.

Start thinking optimistic and I promise, you will have so many positive outcomes in no time!
When you start focusing on what you love about yourself, you will start loving the other parts too! And, I can’t even explain how much it will improve your mental health. It will create fewer insecurities, judgments and complaints and it will “reward” you with endless self-love, confidence, encouragement and gratitude.



5. Appreciate the ugly 

This is often a difficult step since we have spent so much of our time and energy judging ourselves.
Everything has some positive value, even the things you find ugly about yourself.
If you start to appreciate that, you will take your self-esteem on another level and you will be able to master your thoughts and emotions about yourself.
Learn to appreciate it for what it gives you rather than hate it for what it takes away. And if not, just fake it till you make it.

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6. Respect your body 

Try to realize that perfection is overrated and that being different is now “IN”.
Try to see the best version of yourself. Learn how to be honest with yourself and gain all the confidence from that.

If you really can’t stop obsessing over an ideal body, try to work your way to building it. Try to remember that it’s not your own fault you were born in the body you live and that we are all different and have different needs.
You have every right to change the body that you came in, but first, make sure you respect it enough so you can work toward the definition of perfect for you.

When you start respecting your body, you will be able to work with all of your flaws. Your body is the temple you live in during your entire life. Don’t take its health for granted, and treat it with respect. And, don’t forget to give yourself some credit for all the accomplishments (no matter if small or big) you’ve made.



7. Treat yourself the way you’d treat someone you love 

How would you feel if your friend treats you like trash?
And now, how would you feel if your friends treat you like the best living thing on this planet?
Well, the answers go the same road as the way you treat our own self.

Our subconscious mind hears the self-talk and responds to it in a similar way, so make sure your self-talk is loving, supportive, nurturing, and forgiving.

Whenever something negative passes in your mind, try to repeat your positive affirmations. And if that doesn’t help, just ask yourself: would I do/say this to the person that I love?

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8. Don’t let others determine your dreams 

Stop trying to change yourself and stop trying to please everyone! At the end of the day – you only have yourself. No one else will live your life for you.
Don’t change so people will like you; be yourself and the right people will love you.

Trust me, you don’t want to end up living a regretful life. But, if you give up on what once was your dream, you will spend your whole life with regrets.
It’s not always easy but try to be brave and courageous in every task/experience you face. Keep picking yourself back and have to courage to do it all over again. You will ONLY achieve your goals and dreams if you truly believe in yourself.

No matter how close some people are to you, accept that only you are in charge of your life and that only you can change it, not the others!



9. Take responsibility for your actions 

You are totally responsible for your actions and actions determine how you feel and think about yourself.
Stop making excuses and stop blaming someone else. No one is responsible for the way you feel and act. You are.

Oh, you are crying because someone said something negative about you?
It’s not that person’s fault, it is yours!
Only you can choose what can and what can not reach you!



10. Defend yourself 

Boost your self-esteem.
Look at yourself in the mirror daily and start noticing all the pretty things you love about yourself. And I mean all your physical and personality traits.

Don’t let others put you down! Next time someone tries to put you down, stand up for yourself and fight for it (verbally). But do it with grace and dignity.
If you are not able to win the battle, at least you’ll know that you didn’t let the other person treat you like a doormat.

Holding a book about "The strength in our scars"

11. Forgive yourself 

No matter how many times you fail, forgive yourself and start fresh.
It would be so sad if your own thoughts become the main reason for your destruction. Remember that there is no wrong decision – everything is an experience.
Learn to grow through your own mistakes and experiences.
Allow yourself to be human and just keep going.



12. Stop complaining and be grateful 

Complaining makes us feel better because we often use it as a coping mechanism to help us deal with unpleasant and unwanted circumstances.
But every time you complain– it spreads sadness and boredom and it projects negativity.
So the next time you catch yourself complaining, try to remember all the good things you have and redirect your mind toward positive things in life.

Nobody truly respects someone/wants to be around a person who always complains when things don’t go as expected. And yes, the same goes for you.
I bet you wouldn’t want to be around a person like that.

So try to think twice before speaking. Also, try to see the value in the situation. Seek out ideas and helpful solutions to the problem instead of just complaining out loud.
When you learn to complain less, you will see your true value.

Pale pink notebook with "Today I am grateful" text placed on green leaves


13. Don’t forget to choose yourself on a daily basis 

Self-love is all about choosing yourself on a daily basis, even when that’s the hardest decision you`ll have to make.
Even when it’s just easier to hate yourself.
Even when other people give you a hard time.
Even when it just doesn’t feel natural to you.
Its all about choosing yourself. Again and again. It’s choosing to put your own life and happiness first.
Although there will be a lot of emotions and feelings, feel them and let the negative ones that are not serving you GO.

Life doesn’t have to be like that for you.
Just embrace every single positive feeling and thought about you and just start creating memories, stop wasting the precious time that we are given and start live a life worth living.




Give yourself some time and space.
Remember that self-love isn’t something that happens overnight or even in a month. You will get there.
You will see that it is damn possible to have a wonderful and healthy relationship with yourself.
It’s not a competition, so embrace where you are in your own journey and remember that there is nothing wrong with you!



101 ideas for self-loving every single day:

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Are you practicing self-love already?
If not, would you consider giving it a try?

Please let me know in the comments