In my previous article, you learned about self-care. What is that, how does it affect people around us, why should we practice it and what we should stop doing before we even start trying.
And now, the big question:
how to start practicing it?


1. Awareness 

Sometimes, you might not be aware of how hard you’re pushing yourself. If you feel like you’re always rushing and if you feel exhausted by the end of the day on a daily basis, the truth is – you lack self-care.
Try to take note of your needs. You might need more sleep, more movement, healthier choices, more alone time, more relaxing and whatnot.
No matter what it is, it’s really important to be aware that you’re lacking from it and to be aware of its impact on all aspects of your wellbeing including your emotional stability, your mental health, your energy level and your physical body.
Remember that being aware is what gets you started.


2. Intention

Try to take a moment and realize why practicing self-care is important to you.
Also, try to write it down so it would be your constant reminder. Without articulating, we tend to always find ways of making excuses to not be doing the practice.
Realizing why self-care is important to you will help you get started like nothing else.


3. Make a plan 

Trying to deal with tasks after a long day can make for utter chaos. Start the process by simply creating a plan.
First, make a to-do list of everything that really needs to get done.
Start by writing down things that you want to “accomplish”. And by this I mean – write down things that you wanna try out (like face masks, watching a movie etc).
Just make sure to physically write it down.


4. Schedule it 

I mean yeah, I understand that we are all super busy every day, so one of the most common reasons I keep reading/hearing from people who are struggling to engage in self-care on a daily basis is “I don’t have enough time”.

One simple way to create time for yourself care is to schedule it.
Find a gap in your busy calendar within the few next days and schedule an appointment called “self-care time”. Even if that means only an hour.
And most importantly, try to stick to it!

Calendar with drawn plants on the side and yellow marker. Also the days of the week are being highlighted


5. Execute

Execute your plans. Don’t rush it. Take your time. It won’t take that long and you know it.
Start by treating these things like chores until you realize the benefits of it. Then, it will slowly become a habit and you will start seeing your personal growth in no time.


6. Start with your needs 

I realized that self-care is usually presented as “spoiling yourself”, but honestly, it’s all about meeting your human needs! It could be a need for improving your mental health, a need for relaxation, a need for some quiet time, a moment for personal growth and so much more.

Instead of trying out random self-care activities in order to feel better, you can realize exactly what your need is right now and just go straight to practicing that.
Stop wasting time on doing something just because everybody else is doing.
Start fulfilling your own needs first.


7. Take action: focus on little and often 

The final step towards realizing self-care is action.
Just like daily eating habits, self-care is more effective when you engage with it “little and often” than when doing it plentiful but rarely. I mean, it’s better to do it at least 20 minutes every day than 2 hours every other week.
It just doesn’t have to require a lot of time.

If self-care practice is something new to you, try with simple small baby steps instead of giant leaps in order to be successful.
And if you are struggling to fit your self-care into your schedule, please start small. Once you start small with one step, you will become more aware of the intentions and benefits from it and it’s more likely that you’ll continue doing it and taking care of yourself.


8. Try to avoid negativity

Even tho it’s just so hard sometimes, try to stay away from drama and negativity and stay positive in all situations, even when you are upset.
Take a moment and analyze the situation first before you act and try to be positive as much as you can.
Start thinking optimistic and I promise, you will have so many positive outcomes in no time!

Two people covering each others head with their hand. Everything else is black and dark


9. Surround yourself with positive people that practice self-love

Keep in mind that we are an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with which means that we are strongly influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.
So, try to surround yourself with encouraging people.
If you want to be greater, form healthy habits and practice self-love, you have to start spending more time with positive and uplifting people who believe in you, know your true worth, appreciate your time and encourage you to go after your dreams no matter what it takes.
Know that letting toxic people go is not an act of cruelty. It is an act of self-care.


10. Repeat

Make sure to set aside time each day or week to take care of yourself. Even if that’s even 20minutes or an hour.
Remember to give yourself some time and space!
Self-care isn’t something you learn overnight or even in a month, but remember all the benefits from it and it will be so much easier.
Try to remember that it is more than possible to have a true, healthy and amazing relationship with yourself. 
Be honest with yourself and do what feels right to you.
You are only responsible to live your own life authentically.
No one else’s.

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How to start practicing self-care caption on a white minimal background with green leaf plant

Which one is the hardest for you to do?

I would love to hear it from you! Please let me know in the comments