Energy is what keeps us moving, growing and creating. And yet we block it by developing self-destructive habits.
Habits are the foundation of who we are as a person. We are the product of our everyday habits, and every day we choose whether we want to improve ourselves or tie ourselves tight to an anchor that will only weigh us down. But before choosing, we must be aware of bad habits, so we can take the necessary steps to change them.

Here are some everyday habits that tend to drain our energy:


1. Bad posture 

The relationship between our mind and body goes both ways. Which means that the mind influences the way our body reacts and that the formation of our body and posture has impacts on the triggering of the mind.
Seriously, the next time you are feeling sluggish, try and take note of your posture. The fact that you are sitting completely slumped over in your chair and walking down the street with head down and shoulders forward, is increasingly draining your energy


Change the habit:

If you are sitting completely slumped over in your chair and if you are walking down the street with head down and shoulders forward try to change that. Or if you are doing that at this very moment, try changing it and see how your mindset and energy instantly changes.
Pull your shoulders back, keep your head high, let the world feel your energy.




2. Oversleeping

Sleeping is the major contributor to our health and energy and it is super important for our energy level. But the longer we lay in bed the less energy we will have throughout the day. And it pushes us to points of exhaustion which has lasting effects for days to come.
Also, I think that we can all relate that we have the most anxiety in that time of the day when we are just laying over there staring at the ceiling. I guess we have all been there.
The more we sleep the more sleepy we feel and at a certain point we become so tired that our entire body pains.


Change the habit:

Practice getting out of bed on time.
Slowly start to wake up 30 minutes earlier and work your way to getting the right amount of sleep. But don’t push it instantly and make sure you are getting enough sleep like 7 to 8 hours a night.
You shouldn’t wake up out of necessity to get somewhere because again, the stress of waking up and rushing wastes energy. Instead, try to wake up with some spare time to relax and you will definitely feel more energized throughout the day.


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3. Overeating

Lets admit, after we eat a big a*s meal, we just sit there blankly staring and wondering why we can’t get any more work done. Well, overeating makes our mind cloudy.
When we’re eating like sh*t we feel like sh*t. We’ve all experienced it countless times. And yes, it drains our energy like nothing else and it leads us to waste our day.


Change the habit:

Identifying overeating triggers gives you the chance to remove them—or, if that’s not possible, at least recognize they’re there. So, practice self-control.
Try to limit the portion of your meals. You don’t have to go on a crazy diet, just try to cut the junk food and limit your carbs as much as you can.
Also, drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating. It will make you feel fuller and you will get the sense of when you are having enough.




4. Overthinking

In many cases, overthinking is caused by a single emotion: fear.
I think we can all relate to the nights we spend not sleeping as we feared the mistakes and decisions we’
ve made in the past. And we`ve all been there, worrying about things that might never happen and forget the things that have.
We want an understanding of which decision will be better, but the truth is that we will never EVER know what something will be like until we experience it.
Overthinking things is super unproductive and just creates unnecessary stress. It won’t create a better outcome, it will just drain our energy while we’re executing a tough decision, which isn’t good for any of us.
In fact, overthinking is strongly linked to depression, anxiety, overeating, binge drinking and self-harm.
It’s being both physically and emotionally exhausting, and seriously, what can drain more energy than a brain that never slows down or shuts off ?!

Change the habit:

Your mind needs to rest too. Give it a break.
One of the main reasons we tend to overthink is because we have the time to do it!
Be active throughout the day and try to distract yourself with some activities.
Things like dancing, exercise, drawing, sewing and some other alternatives will definitely better the situation.
Having a way to distract ourselves will distance us from the issues enough to shut down the over-analysis.
The next time you catch yourself overthinking, ask yourself how much it will matter in five years (or the next month). This simple question can help to shut down overthinking.
Start visualizing all the things that can go right instead of unnecessary worrying about unrealistic scenarios.

Black board with quote "Stop overthinking"


5. Holding on to the past 

Holding on to the past actually takes a lot of brain power and is also kind of depressing. It distances us from the world around and makes it harder for us to get our work done.
The past is what it is, it’s just useless to hold grudges or be angry. The only person we`re impacting by holding on to our past is OURSELVES.


Change the habit:

Wake up!
Look at your surroundings!
You don’t live in your past anymore.
Let things go, if not for them, do it for your own self and after a while, see how you double your productivity, energy and the ability to accomplish important goals.
Focus on the present and focus on your better-self for the future.
REMEMBER that the fact that you are still bringing the past with you won’t help you AT ALL with getting anywhere near your future goals and dreams. And most important, it won’t change anything, it will only lead you back to negativity and it will get you stuck in one place.
Try to learn the lesson from the experience, forgive yourself and move on for your own good.
It will put you back in the present without all the emotional baggage you`ve been carrying and it won’t drain your daily energy anymore.



6. Taking things personally 

Think about how we let many things other people say to control all aspects of our lives.
We all suffer when we depend on an outside source for our sense of confidence and security. Taking things personally usually makes us have a wrong image about ourselves followed by low self-esteem and that drastically drains our energy. The good news is that what other people say or do isn’t really about you!
Not taking personally will save you a lot of stress and energy.


Change the habit:

The performance of others is not a mirror of your effort.
Realize that other people`s rudeness is about them, not you. You are not defined by others. Those rude words and actions are a reflection of their own issues. Let go of the need to be liked.
Take a constructive criticism like a boss and allow it to help you grow. At the end of the day, it’s really impossible to be liked by everyone, so don’t take it personally when they don’t like you (even if it feels like its personal).
You can not please everyone. If someone is not on the same page with you, don’t waste your time and energy to understand why they don’t like you.
Instead, focus on yourself and on the people who like you just the way you are.



7. Caring about what people think about you

We’re all living in our own bubbles, yet we react to what other people say and do like it has something to do with us. Since we all live in constant consciousness of ourselves, it’s easy for us to believe everyone must also notice our mistakes, recognize our struggles and understand our feelings.
Spending time thinking about how much people like you is not only a waste of time but it’s emotionally draining because we can never be sure.


Change the habit:

Let me get this straight: almost no one cares about you or what you do. They`re too busy thinking about their own personal problems and concerns (like we are ourselves).

Rather than worrying and caring about what people think, just assume everyone talks sh*t about you so it doesn’t really matter what you do.
Remember that what others think of you is none of your business.
What IS your business is what you think of yourself and how true you are to your own values.
Try to do things for your own self and your own self-esteem and you will be surprised by the results. Deep-knowing that you may not be perfect but you are pretty damn awesome can do wonders!

So, stop trying to conform to the expectations of others and live for yourself because at the end of the day you only have yourself and the only thing that matters is YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS.
Caring about what people think about you won’t get you anywhere near your dreams and happiness. Instead of that, you will more likely end regretting the things you didn’t do.

Try to ditch this habit and you’ll be energized to live your life.

A guy wearing orange hoodie that says "I know I`m not perfect, but at least I have more fun than you. Take it easy."



8. Trying to impress people

If you want to live a happy life, quit trying to impress other people.
It just doesn’t work, it has never worked and it will never work. All those unnecessary efforts you put every day to look impressive won’t do you any good in the long run.
Unfortunately for us, we tend to focus on the negative things people say about us.
Most of our bad habits come because we want to impress someone and that includes smoking and drinking, unnecessary gossip, buying expensive things with your last money etc.
Let me remind you, this drains our energy on another level!


Change the habit:

When buying something, try to remember to ask yourself why you are buying that particular item or experience in the first place.
Invest in improving your own thoughts and self-esteem.
Remember who you truly are and what your goals and dreams are. And remember that 90% of people who you`re trying to impress don’t actually care about it.
Instead of trying to impress people, start doing things to inspire them, and trust me, that’s when they will be impressed!



9. Complaining all the time 

Complaining is a selfish act that benefits no one and its a reflection of a weak mind filled with negative thoughts. But it makes us feel better because we often use it as a coping mechanism to help us deal with unpleasant and unwanted circumstances.
Basically, we are trying to get people`s agreement and sympathy in the hope that it will help us to deal with the pain and discomfort we are experiencing.
Because, people always love to be an interesting happy company. But every time someone complains – it spreads sadness and boredom and it projects negativity.
And the biggest problem is, it wastes all our vital energy.



Change the habit:

If you are trying to reach a point in your life where you would like to let go of your complaints, then you should note that kicking any bad habit always begins with self-awareness.
Nobody truly respects someone/wants to be around a person who always complains when things don’t go as expected. And yes, the same goes for you. I bet you wouldn’t want to be around a person like that.
So try to think twice before speaking.

Also, try to see the value in the situation. Seek out ideas and helpful solutions to the problem instead of just complaining out loud.
When you learn to complain less, you will conserve energy.



10. Gossiping and participating in drama

Discussing other peoples lives and creating drama does nothing good in advance.
Yes, the information learned from gossip can sometimes be useful for navigating the social world.
On the other hand, sharing unflattering information or judgments about someone is unkind and drains our energy by distracting us from the important things.
Saying goodbye to drama once and for all may be hard. It might mean we have to end a friendship, relationship or simply stop ourselves from gossiping.
But eliminating these negative aspects might be our only option for moving forward with our lives.


Change the habit:

Gossiping and participating in a drama is wasting energy on something that likely has nothing to do with you and is not any of your business.

Don’t do things that you wouldn’t like to be done on you.
Don’t expend energy discussing other people.
Don’t try to make someone’s life more difficult by causing drama.

Put that energy into your own self-care and self-improvement. Talk less and listen more.
Stop dominating the conversation and try to understand others. By practicing active listening, you will drastically avoid unnecessary debates with others.
As far as the gossiping goes, when you find yourself repeating a name over and over again in a story, try to stop after the second repeat.
No one wants to be gossiped and sharing that information will only yell bad traits about your own self and I bet it won’t present you as a trust-worthy person.




Surrounding yourself with lazy/negative people

Keep in mind that we are an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with which means that we are strongly influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.
If they`re always lazy, tired, negative and lack the energy they need for the day, so will we! And it will definitely hold us back from productivity and it will drain our energy.


Black board with saying "Stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine"

Change the habit:

Try to make your friends aware that they need a higher energy level and try to get them on track. If they still refuse to change the bad habit, try to spend less time with lazier and negative people.
That doesn’t mean that you should get rid of your friends, but you should remember that the more time you spend with lazier people, the more tired and exhausted you will feel.

Make sure you don’t allow toxic people near you!
But until you reach the point in your self-development where you no longer allow toxic people to hold you back with their victim mentality and their mediocre standards, you have to disconnect from their negative influences at all costs.

Try to surround yourself with encouraging people.
If you want to be greater and form healthy and “energizing” habits, you have to start spending more time with positive and uplifting people and people who believe in you and encourage you to go after your dreams no matter what it takes.


Everyday habits that drain our energy plus how to solve them caption on a plant background


What is the everyday habit that drains your energy the most?
What measures do you take in order to change it?

Please share it, you never know who you can inspire and help!