About me


I think we all know that feeling when we have to introduce ourselves or write a CV.
Overwhelming right?!
So, I`m just gonna be quick and introduce myself with the things that float into my mind while writing this.


First of all, hey there! Thank you for stopping by.
My name is Danche – common Macedonian name. Due to some personal things (yet to be revealed), you may know me as Amy.



Blog purpose

I’m often being asked about my pixels, thoughts and experiences so that I finally decided to share them not only with my friends and people around me but with everyone who might get inspired, informed and benefit from it.
That being said, I`m here to share all of my tips and tricks!
Also, I would be more than happy if I could only help at least a person or two.



More about me 

  • I consider myself to be super-friendly, open-minded, neat and polite with warm personality – being passionate about photography, helping people grow (and I mean helping with the personal growth), traveling, arts, music and so much more.
  • I am trying to do more things that terrify me.
  • I appreciate (and love to look at) art and creativeness in any form.
  • Easy to talk to and a good listener.
  • I`m an adventurous individual, wanting to meet new people, form new friendships, discover new cultures and have new experiences.
  • If you open my closet, you would mostly see color palette such as lots of black, neutrals, earth tones, pastels (baby pink and baby blue), grey and maybe some yellow/orange here and there.
  • Clothing style:
    natural/relaxed (simple lines and design),
    minimal shapes,
    neutral colors,
    and sometimes just bold and edgy.
  • If I have to describe the décor in my home, I would probably go with minimalist, modernist, futuristic with lots of green plants.
  • Some of my interests:
    Helping people with their personal growth
    Music festivals
    Socializing and meeting new people
    Exploring new places
    Interior design
    Explore new fashion styles
    → You can find more about the 101 things I love and the 50 things that make me happy right HERE.



Zodiac sign

Sun: Leo
Moon: Leo
Ascendant: Libra


I feel like there’s so much more about myself and my life that I want to share with you guys, but we’ve only just met!
You can find out more about me, my pixels and thoughts by reading my posts.

Also, feel free to contact me and ask me things anytime!


Ok so, this is me!


Pictures of me in a collage